Michael W. Thomas
June 21, 2020


I stopped by the Marietta Museum of History yesterday to record a reading of a children's book commemorating Juneteenth (Coming to theatres soon)

After leaving the Marietta Museum of History I noticed the mural "Interwoven" but what pulled me in was the American Flag placed perfectly in front of the mural painting by Leigh Ann Culver for the Marietta Arts Council


The efforts of two women depicted in the mural "weaving the fabric" of togetherness and growth allowed me to pull in the American Flag. I wanted to capture the mural in it's natural color but wanted to also pull out the color to signify the need for us all to understand and visualize that it will take all of our efforts to continue to learn, grow and understand each other more.

The work we are doing at the museum is just the beginning and I'm excited in how far we can go. Please join me, the museum and I could use and would love your participation and support!

Happy Juneteenth!

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