Michael W. Thomas
March 8, 2020


The teaching of African enslavement is void of telling the stories of a normal community of families who live their lives as normal as any other community around the world. They were not uncivilized people who needed religion and saving.

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We have to know all of the stories, the history and not rely on the version served to us justifying the enslavement and subjugation by creating "race" to justify the injustice that the tremors are still felt today. Throughout the time period from 1526-1867 approximately 12.5 million enslaved Africans were shipped from Africa. Only about 10.7 million survived the tumultuous trip to arrive at the Americas and most likely the most costly of forced migrations of all the global migrations.

From being captured from their villages,  forced to march shackled together to the coast only to spend more months in captivity before being loaded onto slave ships to begin the horrific middle passage.

This Podcasts is based on the book "The Coming"by Dr. Daniel Black and despite every tragic day it speaks to the strength and relentless will to survive the trip as well as surviving the horrors that met them when they reach their destinations.

To me it is the relentless will, strength and power to survive each segment of the trip. It made me proud knowing my ancestors despite the horrible circumstances survived.

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