Michael W. Thomas
May 24, 2023

What Say You?

Any town, any place, anybody

The city square is active with the happy sounds of families, friends, and strangers They are chatting,laughing, walking about enjoying the arts, the stores, and whiffs of many cuisines.

There is a sense of place and comfort all around.

Yet, on the steps of a doorway neither walking out nor walking in someone sits alone,ignored, judged as if he is not even there, possibly with pangs of hunger.

Perhaps he is looking for a smile or some semblance of a positive interaction saying, “I see you, and wishing for you hope for better times and peace.”

Who are we to pass judgment, who are we to not think circumstances of the reversal of situations of comfort are not that far away?

Perhaps a bad lot in life that was established beyond one’s control; an unfortunate circumstance or mental imbalance yet he asks for nothing other than to be seen and acknowledged by something as simple as a warm smile.

 A kinds smile or word costs nothing and could change someone’s life.

I’ve seen him smile, say hello and thank you.

What say you?



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